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Shrafik the cat in the mysterious hall
Кот Шрафик в таинственном загадочном красивом зале наполненным волшебством и мистикой, так-же красиво одет и элегантно выглядит.
Правда не получилось нарисовать прямо отлично как хотелось, но надеюсь вам понравится:)
Cat Shrafik in a mysterious beautiful room full of magic and mysticism, also he beautifully dressed and elegantly looks.
The truth did not manage to draw just fine as I wanted, but I hope you like :)
Stress and depression
Работа ночью, почти каждый день, плохо сплю, мало занимаюсь своей творческой деятельностью, всё это доводит меня до сильнейшего стресса и плохого настроения поэтому я стал часто жаловаться на свою жизнь, но не переживайте скоро я выйду в отпуск, и постараюсь действительно что-то интересное нарисовать, но цифровые рисунки мне что-то пока не очень охота рисовать, так как их рисовать выходит у меня очень много времени.
Working at night, almost every day, sleeping badly, doing little of my creative work, all this leads me to a lot of stress and bad mood, so I often complain about my life, but do not worry, I will soon go on vacation, and I'll try something really draw interesting to draw, but I do not really want to draw digital drawings because I have a little lot of time to paint them.
Evil Shrafik
Блин, сегодня ночью рисовал очень красивый рисунок где я Шрафик сижу на дереве в долине, но к сожалению уже дорисовывая рисунок ошибся чуть чуть, и начал стирать, стирать, потом перерисовывать в итоге испортил небо и лицо Шрафику, в итоге психанул и выкинул, поэтому у меня плохое настроение, и вообще отпало желание рисовать, так как рисовать красками очень дорого, а цифрой сложно:(
Damn, tonight drew a very beautiful drawing where I Shrafik I sit on a tree in the valley, but unfortunately already finishing the drawing I made a mistake a little bit, and began to erase, wash, then redraw eventually spoiled the sky and face Shrafik, eventually psihanul and threw out, so I have a bad mood, and in general I have no desire to paint, because drawing paints is very expensive

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gloomy day, Shrafik was returning from his night work in a bad mood, and resentment to the whole world как надоела эта работа, моя жизнь эта страна и всё такое[as sisk this work, my life this country and all that, - I said to myself] Shrafik was dressed in pale brown sneakers, a yellow striped shirt with a green summer jacket and a green faded cap, Shrafik came to a stop and waited for a bus, it was quite cold outside, even for me the cat was very cold, although it was May and the temperature on the street was somewhere between + 4- + 6 degrees Celsius. - Да блять чё так холодно не могу[ Yes fuck why so cold, no can] - I said, oh, as enrages  this muhosransk (this is how often we call the city of Murmansk) - почему я именно в этом городе родился?[ why was I born in this city?] Shrafik had a very bad mood that he wanted to get home faster and go to bed, so today's a day off so can sleep well. At last the bus arrived Shrafik paid 28 rubles and went home, go somewhere 40-50 minutes depending on how she goes, but oh well, the main thing sat down on an armchair and went, the minibus had an average number of people, more often pensioners, but the main though though is not packed as usual with a cucumber or a can of sprats. I wanted to sleep very much, I went to sleep, for some woman left the minibus and I sat down by the window and put my head on the window, covering my eyes with a cap, -  ах грёзы, я иду к вам[- ah dreams, I'm coming to you]. Some kind of dream, like Shrafik driving along the road near the river, people go everywhere, but they do not notice him, I talk to someone but I do not remember what and why, the rails are still something, knocking, I woke up - О блять сколько я проспал, фу благо что я живу почти на конечной, даже если я засну, то всё равно приеду к своей остановке[Oh, no matter how much I slept, it's good that I live almost at the end, even if I fall asleep, I'll still come to my stop] carefully looked out the window, а не, ещё через одну остановку, можно ещё поспать[and not, after another stop, you can still sleep]. But I could not sleep any more, but I was very tired. Finally reaching my stop and leaving, Shrafik went home, there was already no rain, there was even cloudy weather, and even the sun could be seen from a distance, but it was still cold, I can not believe that some miserable 16 kilometers change the weather in one part city ​​rain in another sun ну да это же россия[well, that's russia] Mood fell even more cold again although felt a little bit warmer, well maybe it's because the time was almost 9 am although I do not know how long, I do not carry a mobile phone with me, and I do not have a smartphone so I just had to guess time. Some insanity came to me in the head, I again talked to myself about every delusion and nonsense. - А опять эта улица, чертовы люди опять везде мусорят, а ну да это же рюси, сука блять но я тоже рюся? Я родился в россии, я тоже русский, почему? Я не хочу быть русским["And again this street, damn people are always littering everywhere, but why is it ryusi, bitch fucking but I'm also ryusya?" I was born in russia, I'm also Russian, why? I do not want to be russian]. The further I communicated himself with myself and went to the house the more everything became more interesting. - Весь мир зло, я Шрафик ненавижу всех всё зло, ненавижу эту страну, за что блять я здесь родился, сука твари блять[- The whole world is evil, I Shrafik hate all the evil, I hate this country, for which I fuckin here was born, bitch fucking creatures].  In front of the house there was a trash can, I kicked it, - вот величие россии срач и бардак вездe[- that's the greatness of Russia sraak and mess everywhere], , it made me laugh. When I finally came to my house, there was a mess at home, dirt and everything, but I'm sorry that I'm not the only one who lives in apartament. Shrafik took off his jacket, cap and sneakers, took his bag and went to his room, undressing in the room and then washed himself . Shrafik turned on the laptop and decided to look on the Internet.- Как всегда ничего, ЧТО БЛЯТЬ? Россия готова отключиться от мирового интернета, блять они вообще уже ёбнулись там что ль наше правительство, сука ненавижу эту страну НЕНАВИЖУ ЭТУ СТРАНУ[WHAT TO FUCK? Russia is ready to disconnect from the world's Internet, they fucking already fucked there at all that our government is, the bitch hate this country I HATE THIS COUNTRY]; aving read the news that in Russia they want to disconnect from the global Internet and also the stupid comments of abnormal people, well, it's more Kremlin bots that such nonormal people write, I Shrafik put on his blue nightgown and fell asleep. All dreams, dreams only to walk in dreams, in minutes 5 Shrafik fell asleep and the first dream appeared some glaciers of the tundra, an incomprehensible conversation about Canada, I Shrafik communicate with my sister and she says that she is going to Canada?  - да пусть уезжает мне то что[- yes, let her go to  that] - I thought. But not just to Canada but to the north of Canada, from one north to the other north, aha haahaa is very funny, again the snow glaciers, suddenly some comic book looked in this comic book of an acquaintance of one and that it suffers looking into the abyss and in the abyss one could be seen shadow, it means probably that someone fell down, I read this one as a comic and decided to comment on it, though I really forgot then that I wrote well and oh well. Then I look at everything again I go to the page of it and instead of displaying its page I could only see this record "oops you can not look at this page, block"  - эй, за что, он что меня забанил, что я сделал я не понял, бля что я там написал?[ - hey, for what, he banned me, what I did I did not understand, wrote?] I went through the incognito to see what I had for the message was that I had it so touched, but could not find it, and even in the comment journal it could not have disappeared, what did I write? - I forgot it, damn it, I can not even look at it anymore, damn it, it sucks. Suddenly, a second dream came. Some rivers, forests, tundra, no one, for some reason it was cold, I had no clothes, it was very cold to walk, because it was very uncomfortable in a wet quagmire without shoes, my  because I was Shrafik a short-haired cat, it's cold, it starts rain, everything very quickly darkens the drops so cold that I freeze trembling, the rain poured straight out of the bucket, it's cold AAA. The third dream, it was dark everywhere, but this time I was wearing a white hat, a white shirt, with a dark maroon butterfly, and white gloves, why it's dark, a room of gray mist, I can not see anything, and suddenly the strange head of a cartoon cat appears, though he was not like me, and only slightly on Felix's head and nothing more than three-dimensional or not, he could not understand, he started talking to me.
- Hello Shrafik my name`s Buish I Felix's son cat, do you remember me? Well, I'm that son who killed that bald bullshit.
А что, я не понимаю что ты говоришь[ A that, I no understanbly that you speak] Buish's eyes were bright blue, his pupils were small black dots, he looked at me very strange, he spoke again.
- Shrafik, hi it`s me Buish, you no know that I speak?
Бля я вообще не понимаю[Fuck I no understand] no know.
- Why?
- No know.
- No know? A why no know, who will be know? I'm, you, someone else? Shrafik, why you me no understand if is registered in the American site Deviant art? I did not understand half of even the most part of what he was saying, I know more when I read English than I listen, since I almost never talked with foreigners, and therefore I do not know spoken English only literary.
- Well, as, just.
-Just? No just, bullshit cat.
Молчание, я не знал что говорить.
- Why are you silent, do not you know what I'm saying? You idiot russian.
- Aaaam no understanbly.
- And you know why you do not understand me? Because you're an asshole, a Russian schmuck, you're a shuffle asshole, a loser.
Слово "Loser" I understand and speak. - Why loser, I no loser.
- You are a loser, all your art is a nasty spit, disgust as all your thinking, your life, you will never be known, all your future is a chasm, although you have no future, you will die exactly at 27, or at 28, and this not my threat to you, but the prediction, you'll be stabbed by someone you trust, but you know why you'll be stabbed, you slave, you have no rights.
- No please, no speak so, I no slave. The buish's words started to hurt me greatly.
- And that your destiny, you know why I hate you, and your country, because I've been killed by a bald asshole of one of russia, and you know that, it's him all still not found and it's not punished, but you know, since you're also a cat and russian, I know to whom can tell it all.
- MMmm.
But I did not come to you to dream, not to cry to you, but in order teach you a lesson,  loser, I'll show you what it's like to hate us Americans.
- No please no need!
Shut your mouth, schmuck, you loser, never, never you will not succeed i your, YOU LOSER. Buish big hands appeared and he began to take me by the ears, and suddenly everything became lighter, I was in my room, except that it was only dark but it was already possible to distinguish something, I was also dressed in my clothes, Buish appeared dressed in the American dark blue military uniform of the United States, he approached me and took me by the collar as he began to talk.
- Bitch you damn, you think living in russia are you safe? But no, here I show you why not need quarrel with us. I began to get a little scared, and trembled, Buish spoke to me in a severe and malicious voice, I was afraid to find out what would happen next.
- Well, this is, liberty words. - I said.
- you creature russian, bicth.
Buish took off a white glove and hit me in the face, it hurt, a tear from the left eye flowed.
- Why do you feel sorry for yourself? You must, MUST? be ashamed, and you feel sorry for yourself.
Прекрати, пожалуйста не делай больше так["Stop it, please do not do it any more].
- Prekrati, a ha ha ha, And I do not understand in russian, say me in English, you bitch, you freak, fucking, cowardly pathetic, soft schmuck. Buish go away from me and began to throw my things in my room.
Прекрати, What are you doing, do not!
- So stop me if you really have the courage to do it. I got up and tried to stop buish saying, - no please no need.
- What kind of a coward are you, fucking. Buish spat at me, took my book "War and Peace"  and threw it at me. I began to hurt the tears flowed from my eyes, I walked away from the buish and knelt down on my knees and began to cry, covering my face with my hands, buish began to mock me morally.
- Oh look, fucking russian cat crying can not give change back to an American, you are the same of snot and coward as the whole country, we Americans are a great nation, defeat the war in 1945, collapsed the red empire in 1991, and ruined your russia in the future, bitch kiss our flag. Buish took out a star-stripped flag took Shrafik by the head and spoke. - Kiss my American flag. "I uncontrollably obeyed although it was so shameful it was not even for my country, although I did not like it, but even just for myself.
- Please no need.
- Do not? Do not? Buish hit me with a flagstaff, and said, bow to me slave. Buish hit Shrafik in the right face and took it by the ear and twisted my head like I was showing him that I worshiped him, it was difficult for me to resist since I was a very skinny cat, and you buish not only that he was taller than me, and still very strong, well, the son of Felix , the truth is dead but American.
- Fuck, it's so cool, scoff at the russian, I finally managed to do it, its`i pity in my life it did not work, no it's all to see. Buish Took me firmly by the hand and moved somewhere, there was a huge hall, I stood on the rostrum all in tears, I was so bitterly in my mouth only bitter snot felt. Nearby you stood Buish with a microphone and spoke.

- ladies and gentlemen, I greet you tonight, today is just a unique night, I brought you for fun a bitch named Shrafik, this is a black cat with white fingers and toes and also on the face, he is a schmuck and a slave , you can insult and humiliate him, he will not do anything to you, do not be afraid, he does not bite. Buish came up to me, again hit me in the face, and in the stomach, and also put a gag in my mouth, and again hit, in the back of my head, I was humming and crying, but looks like of all the audience was just amused that I sob, it's so awful.- Look at this Russian, he's always crying, you know who he is?
- Most said, no, we do not know.
- He's a girl.
- All gasped.
- Because he can not stand up for oneself, he is not a male cat, he is a schmuck kitten, bring here a pink dress and blue ballet shoes. Several cartoons came that took me hard and tight, they put a dress on me, they also put on my white socks my legs and dressed ballet flats shoes, just as I could not have it all taken off knotted inside the strong knots of the shoes and dress, it was so embarrassing for me. took an apple and threw it at me.
- On the bitch, get. Shrafik the cat, russian bitch. Buish started to sing, went some kind of cacophonic song all began to blur, many in the hall also sang.
- Shrafik the cat, this is a slave, look at his passport, there write that he is a slave. they stopped singing.
- This is Shrafik's passport. Look all carefully.He unbuttoned my white shirt and took out my passport from the inside pocket.
- Ah Fuck, all by russian language where write. Buish included in Google Smartphone screenshot translator.- So, shitpassport Shrafik cat. Buish took off the cover of my passport, now a red passport crisp with golden words.
- So russian federation passport, some kind of piece of paper (This was my insurance certificate), Fuck, well, design, all of kind of blue, fuck ah ah ha ha, look at the photo Shrafik, looked for this Russian rogue, even other clothes do not have except a light yellow shirt, everywhere it is photographed and dressed. Emeryone was laughing. Fucking sucks, fu, Buish threw my passport in my face, the passport fell on the podium, he their off my pants, I masturbated that a member of the cat's flesh would come out and started pissing on my passport. - That's what I think about you, bitch, and yes in your passport. Fuck all converges, devil, Shrafik, russia, six six six, six hundred sixty-six, like an animal will come from russia, fuckin russia Shrafik, fuck. Buish took a white paint and painted Shrafik finger three six, and on his right hand arm three sixes.
- You are a beast, and an evil, with you.
- No. - I said.
- No? A ha ha ha. Buish took the handcuffs and secured my hands to them. - You are arrested Shrafik because you were born in Russia, you are an enemy of the United States, you are a hater of America, you have the right to remain silent, although you already have a gag in your mouth, eternal torment with the use of violence. Nelson Susi a seal. Nelson Susi is the greenest cat, and he was here.
- Oh Shrafik fuck, rysä, ehehehe, Shrafik, since you then deceived the Republic of Finland, that you said you would go for two weeks, but it turned out that you lived in our country for more than two months and worked illegally, refused a Finnish visa, here's your passport. Nelson threw me a passport, and just spat saying Venäjän narttu (russian bicth).
Buish: - Let's go after this Russian slave, before, we used to chase after the people negroes until the end of the fifties, now for the Russians, we take guns and shovels. Shrafika struck me and said "GO" I did not know what to do and just ran and ran out of the hall, there was a street everywhere is dark and the forest where I go, shots were heard, I was mortally afraid and cried, although there was no more tear, my face was all is blighted. I tried to pull out the gag, but nothing happened due to the handcuffs and the gag was glued to the mouth, it's terrible, I thought so shy why for that, I WANT TO WAKE UP! But it was not possible to wake up and the sounds grew louder and louder, it was necessary to run, shoots, many chasing after me, there were Americans, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans, Swedes, and Finns, everybody wanted to mock me and chase, I ran away in the forest, but still heard voices in different languages ​​did not understand almost nothing that they say, but it was terrible not to die I die, and all death in a dream, and they chased after me, hunted like a wild animal, I'm in their mind no one, slave, a powerless animal, it was so tormenting me, why, for what? For being born in Russia? Well, I'm guilty, fucking I can not choose in the shower where I'm born, it's all God chooses, I fucking hate myself, I'm dead, Shrafik ran on, but suddenly a dart hit his head, Strong drowsiness went, I wanted to sleep very much , very, very much, fatigue, Shrafik began to sit down, lie down, and eventually fell asleep. The dim light is bad all visible, that's what I thought I was strapped to the bed, I could not move my hands, not with my legs, I saw some glances, I saw Nelson of this green Finnish cat, Buisha, and some other red fox, was wearing glasses could understand who it was. - O our darling has woken up. - Say Buish. .
Я подумал про себя это до сих пор сон? НЕТ![ . I thought to myself this is still a dream? NO!].
- Well, now you can not escape nowhere, - say Nelson.
- Нет пожалуйста освободите меня, прошу вас, отпустите меня[- No, please free me, I beg you, release me] Shrafik was scared that they will again do with me, it remains only to guess. - Shut your mouth, - say Buish and again put a gag on my mouth, tears flowed.
- Let's outrage him. Say fox.
- HE he he, cool, - say Nelson.
- Be engaged in outrage over him, let him be ashamed as much as possible this russian bitch, -say Buish.
Nelson and the fox came up to me and cut the pink dress in which I was dressed, then they began to tear my shirt off my buttons, they tied my butterfly on my throat and I began to breathe heavily now, I started wheezing and slightly difficult to breathe. Nelson took a stick and began to beat me on the stomach, and the fox took me for nipples and began to twist, I was horrendously hurt.
- NO, no need! They laughed, approached Buish and began to hit me in the face with a glove, tears of pain, fear they told me, they humiliated me, tried to rape me, but they did not succeed in dividing me among themselves, the mockery lasted about half an hour or hour, Shrafik lost the calculation in time and the mind began to grow dull with the pain of blood, but the blood came from the nose, legs, hands, torso, because I, Nelson and the fox struck with knives, hands, scratches and the body no longer had a place, and it's still in a helpless state, Shrafik felt his death, Buish Finally, brought an electric shocker and drove it into my ass and turned it on full power, 220 volts, electric shock, death, everything blurred, screams, fog, sunset, clouds of dark, yellow different colors all blended and spreads gray rain cold drops very cold, very cold piano keys knocking and suddenly I screamed and woke up.
Это был сон, сон, фух, боже мой, кошмар какой-то[ It was a dream, a dream, a fuck, my God, a nightmare of some sort]. I was covered in sweat, the shirt was very wet, the room was dark, and, well, it was cloudy outside and it was raining, even as the drops were beating against the glass.
Фу как жарко[How hot it is].
"How hot it is." I Shrafik took off his shirt, now I was completely naked, I was also excited very much, but the body strains when you're asleep. Shrafik did not want to sleep and turned on the computer. There are no new messages, only the Brazilian Alex invited me to my
сhat, well, let's chat. As usual, hello, how are you, every other nonsense, I quarreled with him, he advised me to go to a psychiatrist. I told him I had a bad dream, and he told me so, all right, OK? it's good to fuck, very good, but you fucked, I left my own chat went to sleep again, the time on the laptop was 3:47. I slept in the bed again, I dreamed about that.
this Buish, now only I again was with him.
- Oh, Shrafik, you're back, heh, bitch. He hit me in the face, a tear streamed in my right eye, Shrafik wanted to come up but Buish came up and hit me and said.
- I order you to lie on the bed, do not get out, for then I'll break all your bones.
- No. Buish again in my room and again mocked me.
- Look at him, Shrafik on him. And what about the coward, oh, this is war and Tolstoy's world, what rubbish.He threw a book at me, the book hit my face, it hurt, Shrafik started crying again. I closed my eyes to imagine that he was not there, and suddenly he was not really there, but suddenly he did not come from anywhere.
- Hello Shrafik. Buish keep me to up and beat me in the face, saying.

- You bitch, damn you, shit, kill you. I cried, I wanted to wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up. Shrafik woke up again, it was seven in the morning, well, a dream, I will not sleep any more, washing and eating, I went to the street. I saw Alex, Alex was wearing a red jacket, blue jeans, and gray sneakers, looked like Felix, so I was scared of him.
- O Shrafik, hi.
- Hi Alex. I greeted him, but the truth was afraid of him.
- Why are you trembling?
- No know.
- Come to my house, have a cup of tea.
Arriving at his house, I sat in his living room, took off my outer clothes and sneakers, sat on the couch, Alex brought me and myself tea, as well as bread and cheese.
- Spanky Alex
- What's bothering you?
- I'm afraid of everyone.
- Ah, so you are so nervous today.
- Yes. Hate myself.
- Why, no speak so!
- No speak so? No speak, me no way no love, all me hate, I enemy all, want DIE!
- No. I went to the table, took Alex's kitchen knife, and began to cut my hand, open my veins. - HATE myself, hate myself; beat himself the same way in the face.
- Stop, no. I cut my hand, a lot of blood, beat the wall Alex stopped me.- STOOOOOP !!!!!! Alexa took me from behind behind his hands and tried to take the knife away, just as he slightly slashed his palm - fuck Shrafik! But he was stronger than me Shrafik, so striking me in the back I threw the knife and fell on the sofa, it was very bad, Alex came up to me and hit me in the face with the palm of his hand.
- Shrafik idiot, suicide is not an option!
- Sorry. Alex bandaged my hand, as the blood flowed, and his palm was covered with plaster.
- I'm just an enemy to everyone, Alex, everyone thinks I'm a russian bitch!
- Stop, do not say that, if you were my enemy, would it be to bring your to my house?
- No, it seems to me, I had a dream where I was getting up, so I saw myself in infancy, where I fell hit and cried. Alex hugged me and said.
- Calm down, it's okay, I also many people do not like that, do not pay attention to them.
- Ok, I'm glad that you do not think so. - I Shrafik for a long time talked with Alex, but then we said goodbye and I went home. But all the same, Shrafika tormented me because I was russian (although I do not consider myself to be russian), but do not say this to every foreigner, and still in my life some kind of trouble was as if some invisible spirit was following me and makes me failures, because of this I SHRAFIK BECOME CRAZY, I'm insane ha ha ha, laughter, and ha ha ha ha.



Dark dreams Shrafik
I wrote such a terrible story about myself, as they see me, as I see everyone that you think about me Shrafik you, and everything else. For someone else, the story may seem delusional, for someone else's masterpiece, but someone read it. You can say such a creepypasta about Shrafik the cat
Lazy Shrafik
Что-то в последнее время мне вообще всё перехотелось делать, и рисовать, и писать рассказы, и читать, и играть в игры, и даже изучать французский язык, ничего вообще не охота делать, я даже в игры мало играю, которые очень часто любил, ничего в них кроме как набирать денежную массу больше ничего не появляется из интереса. Только лежать на кровать и спать блуждая в мире грёз, я тупо всегда думаю только о деньгах, и чем больше их имеешь, тем больше и хочется, мне вообще ничего не хочется делать, кроме зарабатывания денег, я стал только думать о деньгах и о больше не о чём, забыл про своё прошлое, давно не писал рассказа о Феликсе, забил на французский язык, и всё остальное, полная апатия и нет настроения, так-же у меня внутренний стресс, поэтому я стал часто быть нервным и хмурым, поэтому у меня никакого желания кроме как лежать на кровати больше нет.
Something in recent times I do not want to do anything at all, and draw, and write stories, and read and play games, and even learn French, I do not want to do anything at all, I even play little in games, which I often liked , nothing in them except to gain money does nothing more from interest. Only lying on the bed and sleeping wandering in the world of dreams, I stupidly always think only about money, and the more you have, the more you want, I do not want to do anything at all, except for making money, I just started to think about money and about more I forgot about my past, I did not write a story about Felix for a long time, I scored in study French language, and everything else, complete apathy and no mood, so I have internal stress, so I often became nervous and gloomy, so I have no desire besides, as lie on the bed and no more.


Shrafik-cat's Profile Picture
Greetings in your profile. My name is Shrafik the Cat, and I am the youngest character to date in the world of animation. I dream of becoming as famous as many cartoon characters in many famous painting corporations, I know that this path is not easy and even rather complicated, but I will try to please everyone, without having any value whatsoever you are of color and creed. My goal in life is to become one of the most famous characters in the world of mankind and one day to remove the most masterpiece full-length animated film in the world that has never before been seen by more than one film critic and just a Cinema visitor, so that everyone has just an explosion of emotion and feeling Joy after watching, and finally, in the annals of the cartoon, there were new animated cartoons, and their norms for this cartoon were loved by the Young and old and all. Get an estimate of ten out of ten or a hundred points, I believe that it is possible that nothing more than a cartoon in the world did not get a one-hundredth rating scale. So, I hope that I will be able to climb to the top of glory and do what none of them have managed to do and have been remembered for centuries, for millennia, so that they always remember the caricature. Shrafik received an excellent score of 100 points. In the end, it's my duty and duty to people, and not to say goodbye to them, but for now it's just a dream, I was born just today by my creator and was painted at 2 am Moscow time. Birthday April 2 is my character and let it be possible when the holiday, as well as for me and for you, but as long as it's a normal day like everyone else.
I Shrafik the Cat, unfortunately, I do not speak English at all, I do not know this language, so I write only through different translators, then why do I register here? And I registered so simply to show myself about my talent, because many people write and write, and how do I do it badly? No, I'm fine, I like being on this page with deviant art to see drawings by different artists from around the world, as well as writers I've known about this page for a long time, but did not dare to register here for a long time. Therefore I like to view the pages of many artists here and evaluate them. Of course, I will not write reviews on your photos again because of not knowing English, and what the translator sometimes gives me is scary, so I just appreciate it from myself. Therefore, I will be glad to new acquaintances and interest clubs. I'm a fan of old animation, as well as numismatists, so I need to talk and talk about something.
Thank you for reading my page.

My intereses.
Write, draw, read books, composing songs, come up with video games, collection coins and note( dollar USA), communicate, make new friends, exchange with you culture, interests, learn about each other.
Music I like different music, I do not have a favorite band, because unfortunately not one group has composed songs so well that me would all like it.
Cartoons: Felix the cat(1920s and 1990s), the adventures of captain vgungelya, Tom and Jerry(1940-1950s),
Hercules is one of the few Disney cartoons that really amazed me, and I've seen it. I myself(Shrafik cat)
Games: more games(PS1) on computer: Fable 1, The Elder Scrols 4-Oblivion, Commandes strike force, Crusader Kings 2, Mafia 2, Tropico 4.
Drinks Morse, compote, juice( no tomate) kvass (only home, shop shit fizzy I do not buy and I do not drink), kisel, tea only black, from green I feel sick, coffee a little, hot chocolate, cacao with milk, alcohol no drink(The French me do not become destined for me, I me no taste wine:( )
Foods Fisk(Halibut, salmon, capelin, salmon, trout fried or smoked), caviar red and black, cheese camembert or brie, cheese roquefort, bean soup, cheese soup, cheese soup with mushrooms (champignons), bread black, and white, pasta spaghetti, suchi, jam from cherries, raspberries, strawberries, cowberries.
I speak fluent russian, I do not speak English well, nd learn Frace language, a also want know Norge language.
I do not like
Coca Cola, fanta, and other synthetic fizzy shit, fast food(Macdonalds, KFS and other rubbish, even though I work for them), cakes, pork, lamb, beef, and other incomprehensible meat.
Americanization of European culture, I'm worried that more and more cartoon characters of Europe are becoming like Americans. Japan's European animation, seeing cartoons with big eyes makes me angry and annoying, anime( not Japanese, I mean, what japanese influences)
Bendy( I don't understand where this replica came from, and why they want to join it by the time of silent cartoons, if it appeared in 2017, this damn)
Well, for now, everything


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